"I am a client with MS.  Barbara Payne has studied massage therapy for MS patients and she knows what treatment is best for my condition.  Barbara is always careful to apply the appropriate amount of pressure to avoid injury.  I always look forward to my massages with her and my ability to walk improves for several days after my treatment.  Barbara is a treasure and I highly recommend to anyone with a physical disability."

Ronald A., Retired Attorney and MS Patient                                              http://www.nationalmssociety.org

"I have traveled around the world throughout my career and I am pleased to tell you that the best massage therapist is here in New York. Barbara Payne provides the best massage in the world!  She always finds my sore spots to work on and relieve the tension. After a session with Barbara I am ready to face the world again. I cannot forget that she also has a wonderful personality and she is a pleasure to be with.  Barbara knows when it is best to talk and when it is best for silence.  She is a gift from the heavens!"

Elaine K., Corporate Executive

"When I started to experience spasms in my lower back I tried everything from acupuncture to electrical stimulation therapy. Once I started seeing Barbara, she immediately found the areas causing the issues and created a treatment plan that has helped to alleviate my back pain and prevent further spasms. Barbara is professional and accommodating – I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of therapeutic massage services."

Nicole S., Senior Account Manager

"After seeing Barbara for years for massage therapy, I now refer to her as "Ms. Payne management".  She's got very strong technical and medical skills, which have been incredibly helpful to me in recovering from different injuries.  The sessions are always different; she's always adding new techniques and tuned in to what's going on with me at the moment.  Whether it's for a tune up, a technical issue or simply to de-stress, Barbara's got the touch!"

Ann T., Photo Editor 

"Barb's been my Massage Therapist for years. I highly recommend her technical approach and ability to concentrate on specific problem areas. Over the last 5 months, she's helped me alleviate pressure from a pinched nerve and I'm well on my way to recovery.  Most definitely a sublime experience!"

Nic A., Weekend Warrior

"Several years ago my orthopedic surgeon prescribed a detailed regimen of exercise and massage therapy to relieve the painful symptoms of an increasingly debilitating lower back abnormality. Shortly after that diagnosis and prescription I had the great good luck to meet Barbara Payne, an exceptionally knowledgeable and dedicated massage therapy professional. 

I am now seventy years old and have no doubt that absent Barbara's insightful and empathetic care my present mobility and agility, along with my ability to generate income, would be seriously compromised.

My youngest sister, Mary, recently retired from her position as an Early Childhood Teacher in Billerica, Massachusetts. For the past forty years, she has spent six hours a day walking around her classroom while bending, crouching, leaning and stretching to make herself physically accessible to the twenty or more children in her class. Whenever she has been able to visit me in new York she has looked forward to Barbara's regenerative ministrations, knowing that she will return home a healthier, happier and generally more relaxed person.

I know exactly how she feels. I've often remarked at the conclusion of a massage that I feel as if I've been taken apart and put back together again "the right way"."

Susan W., Real Estate Broker